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Vietnam Charm 11 days Tour

Vietnam - bursting with history, beautiful architecture, smiling and welcoming faces, lush and verdant rolling hills and paddy fields, glistening temples and pagodas - never ceases to impress.

The Amazing China-Vietnam (Saigon) 13 days tour

On this 13-day tour,discover three stunningly scenic and culturally distinctive countries in Asia. Be amazed by the fascinating history and the modern life style of China. Encounter ancient Vietnam, visit the floating markets of the Mekong Delta, experience the intimate charm of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon.

8 Day Saigon Panorama Tour 

Saigon, the former capital of Vietnam, now renown as Ho Chi Minh city, houses one of the world’s most captivating war stories. Along with its untouched natural beauty of the surrounding cities, indulge in this 8-day Saigon Panorama Tour and be flabbergasted by the astounding beauty and history this southern Vietnam civilization withholds. 

Thailand Triumph & China Glance

This remarkable journey through Thailand introduces you to the splendour of three capitals, Bangkok, the current capital of this vibrant nation; Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya, two ancient sites where Thai rulers once called home. See the temples where the royal families worshipped and their palaces and all the golden glitter that comes along with them. Then enjoy some time on the Pattaya. It is a famous costal resort city in Thailand, which contains many beautiful beaches and travel sites to go. Then head to China. Explore the Shanghai's Bund Waterfront, the fascinating Shanghai Museum, and walk on the pedestrian-friendly Nanjing road.End your tour with a visit to an ancient water-town to see traditional architecture,stone bridges & meandering river ways, and then have some time to explore Shanghai at your leisure. 


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