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2018-05-01 RK N SAN, Chicago

Hello Everyone at Rewards,

We just got back and we want you to know that we had a wonderful experience. People were great in China and were very hospitable. What a lovely country. Thank you all for putting together a great itinerary. From start of the booking way back in Sep/17 to the end of the trip, we have had a remarkable/marvelous experience. Hats off to you all. Of course it can't be smooth always except the passport not matching (a small glitch). No biggie!.

Thanks again for the good work

Take care

2018-05-01 Mr.& Mrs. Greenwell

Hello Victor, 

This is Mr & Mrs. Greenwell. We recently got back from our 10 day China tour (April 14 departure) We wanted to thank you for everything! It’s nothing but a 7 star services provided by your agency as promised. The tour guides are beyond amazing especially JoJo.. We would like to leave a great review but I am having trouble finding where to write a review. So if you can direct me I can leave a feedback so it can help others! Thanks all and all... we enjoyed the tour 

2018-04-22 Carl & Delma Blankenship

It feels great to be back home in PI once again after a 10-day adventure in China . My experienced was enlightened about China. China is rich in history, architectures and technologies. It’s clean, and rich country. The tour guides did above and beyond our expectations. Educated & knowledgeable. Learned that this tour was subsidized by the government to encourage other countries to see and believe. All were great but, only few can speak English. China Rewards Travel is highly recommended. 

God Bless you and yours,

Carl n Del

2017-11-22 Dan Willner

Hi There, I just wanted to give you some feedback on my China trip that I took on 10/22.   

I had the most wonderful time I have ever had on a tour and many of my preconceptions about where I was going to were changed by this trip.

First off both tour guides Lisa in Beijing and Lilly in Shanghai were wonderful. Personable and well versed in the important facts about the sites we visited and open to questions that helped us get a feel for the Chinese history both ancient and modern. Please pass on my personal thanks to them both, they will remember “Daniel”

I was travelling by myself and was fearful of being in a foreign country, especially one that I did not speak the language. During the entire trip I was amazed about how clean and safe I felt in all the locations we visited. My fellow travelers and I were also amazed about how much sightseeing Rewards travel was able to fit into a day and the paid entrance fees for all these locations were included. Every destination we went to, we saw a very modern cities comparable to anything in the U.S. (except bigger) That were an active vibrant economy happening and all the modern stores and malls you would see around the world.   

I had such a great time and have been promoting this trip to all my friends that this was a fantastic experience and the value was the price paid was fantastic. This was a sentiment of all my 36 Guest friends on our tour bus. (Driver was great too)  

I would like to see more of China including the Terra cotta warriors and any other historical sites. If you have any other tours to other destinations in the country, I would love to hear about them.  


Thank you again for one of the most memorable journeys of my life.


Dan Willner

2017-11-03 Mary Jo Gullekson

Hi Geng!

What an AWESOME trip I had!!!!!  We were busy from the time we got there till we got home.  There wasn't a minute that I wished I was home.  I only wanted to stay...... the trip was too short in my book.  I guess I'll just have to go back some day.  

Thanks for the huge part you played in planning my trip.  It was the most amazing trip I have ever taken!  

 You're company is the BEST!!  

 Take care,  

Mary Jo Gullekson 

Friday, April.22 2016 Nancy Gilbert

Hi, Joyce, I want to take this time to tell you what an excellent job you all did. I would not have ever attempted to navigate all that we saw without your company's experts. Your professionalism was very much appreciated.

Thank You to Rewards Travel China.

Nancy Gilbert

Peconic New York

Tuesday April.05 2016 JoAnne Bauer

Having recently returned from our trip with Rewards Travel China, I'm writing to say how much we appreciated the trip and all your  assistance beforehand. 

My travel partner and I particularly enjoyed our tour guides, especially Jack in the Beijing area and Jack in the Shanghai area. We never did meet Donald in Hong Kong, but found that city easy to visit by Big Bus and a great subway line.

The hotels, esp in Beijing and Shanghai, were top notch, and though we did not think the hotel in Hong Kong was of the same high quality, we did appreciate its location near a subway station, and we really liked Rex, the manager. 

Our breakfast buffets in the hotels were beyond imagination, and our Lazy Susan lunches were quite satisfactory. We partook of the fitness centers and the swimming pools; there again, Hong Kong accommodations did not live up to our expectations, however.

Hainan Airlines was wonderful!  With Hong Kong Airlines, we had a 6-hour delay in Shanghai Airport on Easter Sunday with no explanation ...and this significantly & unfortunately cut into our visiting time in Hong Kong.

Overall, our visit to China was an adventure with amazing people and sites to see. I especially loved the smaller cities of Suzhou and Hanzhou. Hong Kong was charming, and all the UNESCO sites around Beijing were impressive. We took thousands of photos that we'll enjoy for a lifetime! 

Thanks much for providing this opportunity of great value.

JoAnne Bauer, Ph.D.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 Lou Snead & Michelle Augustine, U.S.A

Ni hao. My wife and I would like to let you know that we had a fantastic experience on our recent trip with Rewards Travel China. The flight arrangements, hotels, meals, tours and tour guides, transportation, and schedule were all excellent. We sent a glowing evaluation about our trip to the feedback request we received from Living Social. So, we wanted to thank you for making this an affordable and outstanding trip to China! We have already told many of our friends about Rewards Travel and our experience. Other Comments for your consideration: 1. The day we toured the Terra Cotta Warriors & Horse Museum, we had a late lunch (around 2:00pm). Very nice restaurant on the premises of the museum and we enjoyed the Tea Demonstration (but it should be explained more clearly that there is a charge for the tea tasting). Many of the "older" members in our group were requesting to return to the hotel afterwards, rather than go to the city again and have dinner at 5:00-5:30pm. Some were tired, others (including ourselves) thought the meal was planned too soon after having lunch. Perhaps the schedule could be slightly adjusted for better spacing of the meals that day. Our guide, Tracy (Jing) did a good job trying to accommodate the various needs of the group and she did alter the schedule to have the evening dinner meal at 6:00pm. 2. We found the Kempinski Hotel (Xian) to be fabulous and in a scenic setting. We enjoyed the swimming pool and workout/fitness area, as well as walking in the outdoor park-like areas. There was some issue with getting the air conditioning set appropriately for our needs. We were able to figure it out, but worry that some of the others in the group did not. However, we encouraged them to speak to hotel for assistance. 3. We truly appreciated the opportunity to have a home-cooked meal in the Hutong Area, for we enjoy learning about the people and their culture, as much as seeing world-famous sites.

Xie xie,

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 Lynn Miller. U.S.A

We loved our trip. Kristen said it was the trip of a life time. The guides were excellent, the tour well organized, the hotels luxurious. It passed all expectations we had by a huge amount. We are recommending it to all our traveling friends.

Thank you so much.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 Mitchel Glanzbergh

Myself and my family just returned from our trip to China arranged through your organization. I just wanted to thank you and your great staff for a wonderful most memorable vacation. The trip was way beyond what we expected. From the first day we could not wait to wake up and get on the bus and start another day of discovery and adventure. The destinations were fabulous! I could not believe how much we say and learned about China in this short amount of time. The hotels were unbelievable. Is there a 6 star rating? Each one was beautiful. The interior designs are off the charts. Great choices. Last but not least was your staff. May our first tour guide was great..very knowledgeable about the country and its history. Joe; our second tour guide was great. Very personable.. went way out of his way to accommodate our every desire. Knew the country and the back alleys.. had a great time wherever he took us. Last but not least is Sean; My daughter lost her passport on the second flight. He jumped right in and took her to the embassy's for both countries. We thought all was lost for us returning as a family on time, but Sean pulled the rabbit out of the hat and Friday at 5 pm she had her new passport and visa in her hand. I can't thank him enough for his kind efforts on our behalf. The trip was amazing. China is now more than a mysterious place in history. It is a beautiful vibrant modern country that I look forward to visiting again. I should ad the people that we met were very warm and friendly. My girls felt like movies stars with their tourist wanting pictures standing next to them ( fun moments).


Mitchel Glanzbergh
Shadow Hills, CA


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